Better Agents of Change

Committed to putting theory into practice…

People devoted to working in the development sector often have specialized professional knowledge and skills, but may not have lived experiences or access to grassroots expertise. While development organizations and Institutions of learning continue to generate development agents; some of whom are passionate and committed to fighting poverty and other forms of inequality, lack of direct connection with local experiences and knowledge impacts on their ability to make impact. 

Uongozi Center is committed to become an African icon that bridges practice with theory. Understanding and dealing with the connections, or lack of them, between theory and practice is key to understanding how to invest in sustainable development.

Moreover, seasoned grassroots leaders who choose to advance their knowledge and skills in development discourse have limited spaces to do so in the current arrangement of Africans’ high institutions of learning. Uongozi Center Africa is committed to become a state of the art  Grassroots  Leaders “University” in the continent and beyond.

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