About Us

Our Approach

Uongozi Centre Africa is a social enterprise, a physical space under construction and located in a four hectares of land at the floor of Rift Valley in Gilgil, Kenya. It is intended to be a global hub of innovative practices in sustainable development.

The centre, also known as The Leadership Centre for transformative Development seeks to systemize and archive existing knowledge for ease of use, empower communities and development practitioners with key leadership concepts and tools that heavily draws from lived experiences and knowledge of grassroots leaders.

It is an effort to build a critical mass of people in development with passion, interest, networks and sufficient skills to become frontline champions in ending major structural, institutional and administrative barriers that hinder real change to happen in the lives of people. Uongozi Center Africa thus aims to inspire and empower, constructively challenge and intervene, mobilize and organize becoming a powerful catalyst for change in development across Africa.

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