We empower communities and development practitioners as agents of change.

Inspire & Empower

Knowledge for impact

We prepare communities and development practitioners by exposing them to key leadership concepts

Mobilize & Organize

Agents of Change

We are committed to become an African icon that bridges practice with theory

We are a social enterprise with a physical space under construction.

Uongozi Centre Africa is a social enterprise, a physical space under construction and located in four hectares of land at the floor of Rift Valley in Gilgil, Kenya. It is intended to be a global hub of innovative practices in sustainable development.

The Centre, also known as The Leadership Centre for transformative Development seeks to systemize and archive existing knowledge for ease of use, empower communities and development practitioners with key leadership concepts and tools that heavily draws from lived experiences and knowledge of grassroots leaders.

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Our Key Pillars

Knowledge for Impact

Uongozi Centre Africa is keen to explore the complex pathways through which research and building on grassroots knowledge and skills for evidence can be used in ending poverty, inequality and marginalization.

Better Agents of Change

Uongozi Center is committed to become an African icon that bridges practice with theory. Understanding and dealing with the connections, or lack of them, between theory and practice is key to understanding how to invest in sustainable development.

Champions Fund

We are committed to establishing a Champions Fund that will complement the community volunteers with grants and resources to scale and lead transformation in their communities.

Living learning Centre

The Uongozi Center Africa  the Center offers a diverse learning community and living spaces with a serene environment to increase and share their knowledge and skills.

The service will be coming to android devices and the apple tv later this fall with sonos support available as phone tracking app soon as possible.